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How we can help keep your workplace buzzing

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Our Services

HR, Culture & Employee Experience Support

We firmly believe that a positive experience for you and your team has a direct correlation to achieving your organisation’s objectives. Encouraging learning, finding opportunities for growth, celebrating the little things and communicating with your team can all make a huge different to your team’s experience. We can work alongside you to ensure that you nail the HR basics but also provide outsourced HR support to build on that to ensure you have a great place to work.

People Strategy


An employee’s experience at work is made up of many different moments that can all matter. We can help you design your people strategy to ensure it will help your organisation achieve what it needs to do and get those moments that matter right. We can also help you plan your implementation of any strategy in a way that works for you and where your organisation is currently in your growth cycle.

Change & Transformation


One of the biggest challenges a workplace can face is change. Adapting to ensure your workplace is keeping up with new technologies, ways of working, or a change in strategic direction can be problematic if you don’t know where to start. At Hive we can help you ensure that you implement workplace change in a way that meets your obligations as an employer, achieves your desired outcomes and is as positive as possible for your team. 

Mediation, Facilitation & Restorative Processes


We know conflict can have broad implications in a workplace and offer a range of conflict resolution options to assist in addressing any such issues.  We have a particular passion for using restorative approaches, where appropriate, or otherwise using our skills to facilitate early interventions into potential issues and/or coaching to develop your own conflict management skills.   

Coaching & Mentoring


If you already have an HR presence in your workplace, we can offer coaching and mentoring to support that person or team.  Our strong employee relations background and experience across a range of different employers, means we are the ideal sounding board for people issues that are rarely black and white.

Workplace Communication


Strong communication within a workplace is key to its success. Good communication leads to innovation, growth and trust amongst your team, and empowers employees to do the work you need them to whilst loving it. Hive can work alongside you to implement strategies to ensure effective communication at all levels of your business, with a focus on implementing robust feedback systems.

Employee Relations


Many people spend more time with their workmates than their family or friends. In workplaces – just like in life - interpersonal issues can arise and start having a negative impact on an organisation and its employees. Hive can help you navigate your way through any such problems. We have a particular passion for early intervention into workplace issues before they escalate.

Independent Investigations & Culture Reviews

Increasingly employers are looking to undertake independent investigations into complaints or sensitive workplace matters. We can act as an impartial fact finder conducting a fair investigation into any such complaints (and hold a private investigator's licence to do so).  We can also use this expertise to conduct broader culture reviews or assessments to inform a way forward.  

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